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     FURICK Cups

                                                  Introducing the  latest in Pyrex welding technology


         BBW #16
The BBW #16  is the biggest  cup in the lineup . She uses anywhere from 25-30 CFH argon and enables you to use quicker travel speeds and get great coverage. The BBW is great for titanium and other super alloys.  Also being transparent the BBW cup allows the user to weld further into a blind area with the ability to literally see through the cup.
        FUPA #12
The FUPA#12 is the most economic cup on the market today. The inside diameter measuring .750 of an inch this cup uses only 12-30CFH of argon and covers brilliantly the whole way through .
The #8 Pro is the all around go to cup for most applications . It has been the most popular through the years for quick accurate work with great results . Its small size and maneuverability give it the edge when it comes to tacking and laying quick beads.
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